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Server Updates

This server have many plugins like Alphaloot - Advanced Gather - AutoFuel - Autograde - Bgrade - Backpacks - BarrelPoints - BotSpawn - TreasureHunt - CarCommander - ClansUI - DCProtect - EarthQuake - EasyVote - And much more. For more information about VIP And VIP+ Visit the Favebook group at https://www.facebook.com/rustyplanet.net And see the ServerCommands document. We now have SKYFALL! Which allows you to jump out of a cargo plane after you die vs taking your sleeping bag! We also installed Slots plugin for that type /playslots Greetings Team RustyPlanet.Net ★Lemo★ - ★Demon's Heart★ - ★Juno★ - ★Hawk★ -★DevilOnRun★ - ★Bash★

By htclemo on 25th August 2018 14:05:00

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