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Server Updates

Welcome to Rusty Planet PVP and PVE. PVP server wipes biweekly and PVE currently wipes 1st Thursday of the month. Rusty Planet is a small community. Perfect for learning the game whether you choose to play on the PVP or the PVE server. Servers include: Zlevel - Bgrade - Free TP - DCProtect - Events - Town - Kits - Skinbox - Daily Server Vote Rewards - Auto Door - SkyFall - Casino etc. For more information about VIP, VIP+ or Plugins please visit our Facebook page, Discord or Website: Facebook: facebook.com/RustyPlanet.net Discord: RustyPlanet.Net Website: RustyPlanet.Net Greetings Team RustyPlanet.Net ★Lemo★ - ★Demon's Heart★ - ★Juno★ - ★Hawk★ - ★DevilOnRun★ - ★LadyBugzz★ - ★Spadeee★ - ★Bash★

By htclemo on 25th August 2018 14:05:00