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Nordic Vikings
Nordic Vikings is a community driven not-for-profit organisation that thrives on everyone's contributions socially and economically. Donations is crucial because running a server and developing plugins isn't free. We're extremely thankful to anyone who even consider donating.

Your donations includes rewards added in the future.
Doações Recentes
Nome de usuário Valor (USD)
aWoNsKiLL 30.00
Onkel Skrue 30.00
4areason 100.00
Justin 30.00
Oscar/Giroud/Flagcap 100.00
Principais Doadores
Nome de usuário Valor (USD)
Motakaru 150.00
4areason 130.00
󠀡󠀡 110.00
Rogueey 110.00
H4pPy 110.00