Rags to Riches
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Server's back on track!

By ShjtLips on 21st January 2019 2:01:17

New Beginning

The server has undergone some major changes and will be having a sale on monthly ranks until January 17th to start off a new year and new beginning.

By ShjtLips on 9th January 2019 5:37:46

Products now transfer over servers!

From now on, and for users that have purchased ranks before, your donations will now carry over from server to server, however, due to plugin limitations, it will have to be done manually and must be a permanent rank... Just join our discord, (https://discordapp.com/invite/wrnCfXM) and message me, ShjtLips, and I will transfer your rank over if you request it to be transferred over. Donations to a specific server will continue to be automatic. Thanks :)

By ShjtLips on 12th August 2018 7:35:51

All new products!

The old GPAY donation website is no longer in use, bring this way better one into the spotlight. Now, there is much more variety in the shop!

By ShjtLips on 19th July 2018 12:59:30