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New Packages for Rusticus 10x

If you've viewed our Donor Packages before April (2018), check back! They have changed! New and improved Kits for all Donor Packages on TERRA Rusticus.

By CRO-MAGA | SquadBros on 7th April 2018 21:19:13

TERRA Gaming Network Rust Relaunch

We are planning on repopulating our servers ASAP for Rust. If you'd like to help us out, feel free to promote us to your friends or donate here!

By CRO-MAGA | SquadBros on 4th March 2018 23:56:01

God Emperor Package Added for TERRA Rusticus (10x)

As of Today, the admired and feared "GOD EMPEROR" is Rusticus' newest Donor Package. The God Emperor Package gives its wielders powers that have never before been seen on TERRA Rusticus. This includes access to 6 never-before seen kits that are beneficial to the donor in a wide variety of situations. From the "Jugger" to the "Rocketman", the "God Emperor" is a force to be reckoned with.

By BlackSalami on 28th August 2017 5:57:40